Cemetery Rules

The existing rules for cemeteries and burials in Union Township, Miami County, Ohio, are as follows: 

1. All cemeteries close at dark.

2. The Union Township Trustees expressly reserves the right at any and all times, with or without notice to Owners, to adopt new rules and regulations, or to amend, alter, make exception and/or repeal any rule, regulation and/or section, paragraph/or sentence in the Rules and Regulations. 

3. No alcohol or illegal drugs of any kind will be allowed on the cemetery grounds.


a) All decorations should be clear of cemetery maintenance.

b) All artificial, unsightly, and dead flowers and grave decorations must be removed from the grave by March 1st. No new flowers are to be placed until after April 1 to allow for spring clean-up. 

c) No glass, ceramic, or other breakable containers are permitted in Union Township Cemeteries. 

d) No planting of anything that grows from root, vine, bulb, or seed.

e) Any Holiday decorations, which do not sit on the monument or foundation, must be removed within 10 days following any Government or Religious Holiday or they will be discarded.

f) No winter grave blankets are to be placed until after the Thanksgiving Holiday to allow for winter preparation in the cemeteries.

g) Prior Union Township approval must be granted to place stepping stones, concrete statues, or crosses. 

h) All flower saddles must have grave names on them in the event they are blown off by wind.

i) Union Township is not responsible for items placed on any grave lot.

5. Shepherd poles are not to exceed two tiers, must be placed beside or in the foundation, and shall not extend beyond the foundation. There is to be only one (1) pole per monument. 

6. All burials must have a vault of adequate structure to support fill and cemetery equipment. Only metal reinforced concrete and metal reinforced fiberglass vaults are acceptable.

7. “Wilbert Way” type of burial set-up is not permitted in any Union Township Cemetery.

8. Vaults with flat lids are not permitted in any Union Township Cemetery.

9. Pet burials are not permitted.

10. All burials in Union Township must be in one of the public cemeteries or in a well-established private or family cemetery.

11. Union township must be notified by noon on Friday for a Monday a.m. (or Tuesday a.m. burial after a holiday falls on a Monday) burial or the Saturday rate will apply. 

12. Funerals should be within cemetery grounds prior to 3 pm weekdays and 1 pm on Saturdays to allow for a timely closing of the grave.

13. No burials on Sundays or holidays.

14. Union Township reserves the right to re-schedule burial services if weather conditions warrant, such as severe weather, heavy snow storms, or subzero temperatures.

15. Only Union Township has the right to determine if a burial is to take place at the grave or an alternate location. This decision is final.

16. The grave on which a burial is taking place must be paid for prior to the time of the burial.

17. Burial Fee must be paid for prior to the time of burial.

18. Burial permit must be given to the township personnel prior to the time of burial.

19. Cremation burials must be in a non-biodegradable, sealed container.

20. Indigent Burials – See Indigent Cremation Policy and Procedure per Resolution No. 06-27

21. All stones must have a foundation. Foundation orders placed by monument companies must be paid for prior to stone being set; all other foundation orders must be prepaid. 

22. Graves must be paid for prior to the time of foundation pouring.

23. No stone or cement ledger monuments permitted.

24. Union Township crews must pour all foundations and reserves the right to join foundations.

25. Foundations will be poured June through September - weather permitting. See Foundation Schedule.

26. All stones shall be facing east west to allow for cemetery maintenance.

27. Foundations will not be poured that are longer than the width of the grave or graves owned by the individual.  

28. Foundations will not be poured whose width will later obstruct the installation of a vault, either on that grave or on surrounding graves.

29. Foundation fee of $500 per grave and extend the entire allotted area. The allotted area for foundations will either be 48 x 26 or 50 x 26 per grave, per layout of particular cemetery 6” margin north/south and 7” margin east/west

For example:

1 grave 48 x 26, maximum monument base 36 x 12

1 grave 50 x 26, maximum monument base 38 x 12

2 graves 96 x 26, maximum monument base 84 x 12

2 graves 100 x 26, maximum monument base 88 x 12

30. Union Township is not responsible for weather related stone damage. 

31. Policy on Repair or Replacement of Damaged Tombstones - When a tombstone(s) has been damaged by a specific occurrence, and the family cannot be contacted to arrange for repair or replacement, the trustees will determine the cost of repairs, and if that cost exceeds the cost of a (10” to 12” x 20” to 24” x 4”) grasser monument, then the township will install a grasser(s).

32. Foundations for veterans’ plaques will be provided and installed free of charge. Note: Plaques to be installed on the back of a monument must be handled by a monument company and cost is the responsibility of the party having the plaque installed.

33. Transfers in ownership of unused cemetery graves will be valid only when recorded by the Fiscal Officer in the township’s cemetery deed books. Transfers of ownership can be made only to immediate family members. No unused grave(s) can be sold to anyone other than the Township. The sellback price would be one half (50%) of the current selling price or the original purchase price, whichever is greater. Since Union Township Trustees have no records of the cemetery prior to the township owning the cemetery, we are unable to guarantee no human remains are buried there. If remains are discovered while preparing the grave(s) for burial, it will be your responsibility to purchase additional grave(s), if needed. 

34. Graves will be held 90 days with a non-refundable deposit of $20.00 per grave if purchaser is a township resident. If purchaser does not live in the township, the non-refundable deposit is $50.00 per grave. If full payment is not received during the 90-day period, the deposit will be forfeited, the remaining balance refunded and the grave(s) available for resale.

35. The Trustees reserve the right to limit the number of graves sold per family.

36. Schedule of fees - See Cemetery Rates. 

37. Residency Requirements: The following residency requirements shall apply with regard to the issuance of deeds to grave(s);

a. A person shall be deemed a “resident” of Union Township if that person is eligible, by reason of actual place of primary abode, to be an “elector” of Union Township.

b. A person shall be deemed a “non-resident” of Union Township if that person is not eligible, by reason of actual place of primary abode, to be an “elector” of Union Township. 

c. The actual residency status of the person(s) in whose name(s) the deed of grave(s) is to be issued shall determine the “resident” or “non-resident” fee to be charged. No deed to grave(s) shall be issued in the name of both “resident(s)” and “non-resident(s)”.

d. Residency shall be determined at the time of the original issuance of deed(s) or subsequent transfers as may be applicable.

38. No dogs or pets of any kind allowed in any Union Township Cemetery with the exception of helper dogs.

39. No vehicles permitted except for those engaged in cemetery functions.

40. All Cemetery Rates and Rules are subject to change.

41. A fee of $40.00 will be applied to any returned check.


Scattering Grounds

1. All scattering events are scheduled weather permitting.

2. Scatterings may be conducted by Union Township personnel. With permission, Funeral Director, Minister, Priest, Rabbi, or Family member may conduct scatterings.

3. No decorations are permitted.

4. All scatterings in Union Township must be in the designated scattering area.

5. The scattering fee must be paid prior to the time of the event.

6. No monuments, other than the plaque provided, are permitted.

7. All plaques are installed at the township’s convenience.

8. Union Township is not responsible for weather damage.

9. Schedule of fees - See Cemetery Rates

10. Union Township must be notified 24 hours prior to the time of scattering.

11. No scatterings on Weekends or holidays.